Things you need to know about Weight Loss Surgery!

 "Imagine the worst food poisoning you have ever had, then combine that feeling with the sudden urge to go to the bathroom while feeling like you are in a hot sauna... Oh, and don't forget the stomach ache where it feels like you have eaten too much pasta and add the exhaustion you feel after a bad day at work." Welcome to the little known parts of weight loss surgery.


The Fundamental key to Successful Weight Loss

We have all made that new year's resolution to "lose weight" or "get healthier" but it is rare to see someone actually fulfill that resolution (let alone even making steps towards it after 3 months). What special ingredient are so many people missing each and every year? They don't have the right mindset. Plain and... Continue Reading →

Meet Maz (aka LeanLiving92)

So you found my first ever blog post, the one that I typed on my mobile phone while listening to Alex (my unoriginally named Alexandrine Parrot) talk in his sleep. Isn't he a little green cutie?!  Now what? Do we do the awkward "Hi I'm Maz and this is what I like" followed by throwing... Continue Reading →

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