Why the numbers on your scale DON’T REALLY MATTER!

I see it everyday, people starting a weight loss journey with the best of reasons and intentions yet loose motivation because of their scales. It is tragic to see all that good progress come to a grinding halt for no good reason. Now that may seem like a harsh comment but sometimes brutal honesty is the best way to break a toxic cycle.

As I explained in one of my first articles, your goal with weight loss should be achieving YOUR ideal health orientated lifestyle – not an arbitrary number on a set of scales (which usually doesn’t give correct readings anyway). We all have different bone densities, muscle mass, fat distribution and heights.

Simply put, WE ARE ALL UNIQUE and can’t be put into standardised boxes!
While we do have guidelines of what underweight/healthy/overweight/obese are, they aren’t hard and fast rules. Obviously keep checking any medical concerns with your regular Doctor, never be afraid to take prescribed medications or follow treatment plans designed to support you in a healthy life.  

So what exactly should you be focusing on with your health/wellness goals instead of the scales? Seriously, take a moment to visualise – or even better, write down in the comments what a healthy lifestyle looks like to you.

– Are you eating more Fruit & Veg?

– Would you be drinking more water and less carbonated sugar bombs? (pop/soft drink/soda)
– How will you get the blood pumping through your veins? 
– Do you have more energy during the day?
– Are you smiling more often?

The foods/drinks/fitspo/mindset you want to brag about on social media with insta-worthy photos are what you SHOULD be focusing on. NOT THAT SILLY NUMBER ON YOUR BATHROOM SCALES!!!! I honestly can’t emphasise that enough. It is time to set yourself up for success and focus on the daily benefits of your newfound (or soon to be) Lean Living lifestyle!

Keep in mind, we will all have our bad days (or the secretly loved cheat days) but that is just a bump in the road. Don’t ever let one bad bump ruin an amazing journey. Learn from the experience and keep working towards that ideal lifestyle 🙂

Acknowledge your bathroom scales as the approximate measurement tool they are, but never let it define your state of health or self worth. Those scales can’t measure your kindness, strength, fitness, compassion or healthy food choices. NEVER. FORGET. THAT.

So tell me, has this article helped you in any way? Should I be writing more things like this or just stick to my personal weight loss story? How can the Lean Living Project help you live the life you deserve?

Don’t be shy, GET INVOLVED!
all it takes is a few taps on the keyboard 😉


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