Prescription Nails – What are they and why you need to make the switch

For months I have seen an explosion on my social media about ‘prescription nails’ and never understood what all the fuss was about. Heck, I didn’t even know what they were or the process involved in having a set of prescription nails applied! I also know that I was not the only one who had no clue what this new technique was.

We are all familiar with that cheap nail salon in the shopping centre that you can smell from a mile away. You go in to either ask to have french tips or a solid colour done then get silently pointed towards a chair where the work begins. They cut your natural mail as short as possible tyen take a small drill to file down the bed of your nails to almost paper thin levels. Silently wincing in pain while telling yourself that ‘beauty hurts’ and to tough it out for gorgeous nails. They glue on a cheap flimsy plastic tip then start smoothing out a blog of thick gel which magically turns to something like concrete. The drill of pain comes out again as they shape your new nails, you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel as they apply a glossy polish to finish off the work. Then you look at your new nails and feel crushing underwhelming disappointment. You paid $60 for super thick (and very obviously fake) nails which just don’t feel comfortable and has your fingertips throbbing in pain for the next day.

I can truthfully say that I experienced nothing of the above during my first application of prescription nails. No face masks, no awkward silence while the tech spoke in a foreign language, no sickening chemical smell, no drilling and no pain.

The prescription nails are made of a clear fibreglass and come in over 200 shapes/sizes. They have different gradients of curve on the width of the nail plus a wide variety of basic shapes for the base of the nail too. The biggest benefit of the prescription nail system is that they cause absolutely no damage to your natural nails unlike other artificial nail systems.

During your first appointment the nail technician will clean your nails then find the perfect fit for each individual nail. They will write down a unique serial number for each nail on your hand on your prescription card then apply your new nails with a special nail adhesive.

After this, you can have your favourite nail art or even a Jamberry nails wrap applied to your nails. It is truly that quick, easy and painfree!

The best part of using prescription nails is that your technician can prepare a full set of nails with intricate nail art ahead of your application appointment! This means no waiting for the polish to dry, no worries about the polish smudging as you walk out of the salon and the ability to quickly have then applied on your way to the rest of your busy day. Not to mention the fact that it is all PAIN FREE! I am absolutely in love with my first set and they will become a staple in my beauty routine from now on. The next set might be a little shorter though and will give a different top shape a shot. Despite this, they score a fantastic 10/10 in my books!

Each set will generally last between 3 – 4 weeks and feel much stronger than acrylic sets. Also, the prescription nails are also thinner than most acrylic, gel or SNS sets. They look more professional and natural.

Personally, I will be asking my amazing nail tech to prepare a beautiful set of cherry blossom themed nails for my holiday to Japan next year. While I forgot to ask her if it was possible but another potential with prescription nails is that you might be able to have a spare set ready to go in case of unexpected breakages while away on holidays!

If you are in the Toowoomba region and need to get a set of these magical nails on then book an appointment with Shaye here

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  1. I cant believe this exists! I had an acrylic disaster 2 years ago, but that disaster eventually lead me to start a nail blog. They look incredibly natural! Your nails look great 👍🏻


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