Why you need Smart Goals in your life

Have you ever felt like no matter how much you want something in your life to change it always seems to stay the same? You said your usual New Years Resolution but never seem to stick to it? We have all been there at one point in our lives, but how to some people manage to break free and change their lives drastically? Chances are, those people had well defined goals and made themselves accountable to those goals.

I was first introduced to Smart Goals during my employment with Vita Group and it changed my life. We had weekly ‘coaching’ sessions with our manager who would go over our performance for the week and at the end he would always help us set a Smart Goal to improve our performance in the workplace. Whenever I have set myself a smart goal, I have always grown not only as a professional but as a person in general. It is the essential tool to successful personal development! 

So what are Smart Goals? They are specific attainable goals which are measurable within a set time frame and have relevance to your current situation. Once you know your borad goal you can start to construct a smart goal from it using the SMART acronym below:

S – Specific 

  • Exactly what do you want to Achieve by completing this goal

M – Measurable

  • What can you do to achieve this goal
  • How will you feel after achieving this goal
  • Who will see the progress & achievement of this goal
  • What will the evidence of your progress look like

A – Attainable

  • Do you have the time to make consistent steps towards this goal
  • Do you have the financial capability to achieve this goal
  • Do you have the skills required to achieve this goal

R – Relevant

  • How will achieving this goal affect your life
  • Why do you want to achieve this goal
  • Does this goal compliment other goals you have
  • What is the ultimate objective of this goal

T – Time

  • What is the deadline for this goal to be achieved by
  • When will you complete steps to this goal
  • Is the time frame flexible (in the event of something urgent needs your undivided attention)
  • How often will you check your progress towards this goal

Once you have the smart goal clearly written, you need to put it into action. If you want to maximise your success then ask someone to be your ‘accountability partner’. An accountability partner is someone who will talk with you about your smart goal and check in to see if you are making good progress regularly.

Below you will find an example of how I created my own SMART goal. I began with the broad goal, then broke it down into the specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time statements and created a SMART goal that summarised all those statements.

GOAL: To write a novel


  • I want to write a novel about my weight loss surgery journey
  • I want to have the novel published

Measure of progress – 

  • I will write about my weight loss journey for 30 minutes each day until I have all content written down.
  • I will spend 30 minutes per day formatting the content into individual chapters.
  • I will spend 30 minutes per day proof reading and editing until it is ready for publishing.
  • I will be able to tell people to read my book when asked about my weight loss journey
  • I will feel pride for being able to say I have a published book
  • The evidence of my progress will be a manuscript to submit to publishers

Attainable – 

  • I am able to commit 30 minutes of my time per day to this goal
  • I have all the resources required to finalise the manuscript for submission to publishers already – no financial commitment is required
  • I have the language skills required to write this novel

Relevant – 

  • This novel is relevant to my life as I will share part of my weight loss journey with multiple people each day
  • Writing this novel will allow me to tell people to read my novel to learn about my weight loss journey
  • This goal compliments my other goals by focusing on health & wellness which compliments my LeanLiving business and blog
  • The ulitmate objective of this goal is to share my inspirational weight loss journey with the world in hopes that it will help other people take control of their health and educate people about weight loss surgery.

Time – 

  • I will have this novel ready to submit to publishers by June 2018
  • I will commit at least 30 minutes per day to writing this novel
  • If I do not complete my 30 minutes of writing/editing then I will commit to spending at least 1hr on this goal the next day

SMART GOAL: I will write a novel about my weight loss journey by spending 30 minutes per day writing the novel and I will have it ready to submit to publishers by June 2018. This goal has been made to help others learn about weight loss surgery and to allow me to share my weight loss success story while also gaining further credibility as a health advocate. 

What will your SMART goals be? How will you reward yourself for completing each goal? Will you choose to change your life?

I wish you success in all your SMART goals and would love for you to share your Smart Goal statement with friends and family to keep you accountable.


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