The Fundamental key to Successful Weight Loss

We have all made that new year’s resolution to “lose weight” or “get healthier” but it is rare to see someone actually fulfill that resolution (let alone even making steps towards it after 3 months). What special ingredient are so many people missing each and every year?

They don’t have the right mindset. Plain and simple, they just haven’t put their mind to it.

Now before people start angrily smashing the keys on their keyboard at that statement…this is coming from someone who not only has Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome but also has Metabolic Syndrome AND Fructose Malabsorption. The odds were never in my favour to not only lose weight but to even eat a healthy diet! 

I was unable to eat salads or use honey as a sweetener. Fruits were impossible for me unless I was willing to ensure the pain of my intestines being stretched from the inside by so much fermentation that I would look heavily pregnant in a matter of hours! My PCOS made weight gain incredibly easy while making weight loss extremely difficult. My thyroid function was so low that I was well and truly in the ‘underactive thyroid function’ category.

I had every reason to sit back and say “I have a medical condition so I can’t lose weight”. I could have given up or I could have searched for a way to overcome those conditions and take control of my weight and health in general.

I chose to get a personal trainer while eating healthier foods, but when that failed I chose to try something else. I chose to exercise while doing weight watchers, but when that failed I chose to try something else. I chose to ask my Doctor for medical assistance to address my PCOS weight gain. When the Metformin failed to work I chose to try something else. I chose to ask my Doctor if there was a way to help increase my metabolism to lose weight. When the Thyroxine didn’t help me lose weight I chose to try something else. I chose to ask my Doctor if there was any other way for me to regain my health and lose the 90kg of weight I had put on during this process. When he suggested I talk to a weight loss surgeon, I chose to see the Surgeon. When the surgeon suggested the Gastric Bypass as the best treatment for my situation, I chose to have the surgery. Do you see a common theme yet?

Now I am not going to sit here and tell you that you can only lose weight through weight loss surgery. Different methods will work for different people, to truly succeed in your weight loss journey you need to keep trying until you find the method that works for your body. You need to have the right mindset, because that mindset is what will keep you going when the weight loss becomes hard. It is hard to lose weight, but it can be done because every bead of sweat and every tear that you shed is worth the end result. You can choose to see it as “I am paying money lose weight” but that mindset will rarely work. My mindset was “I am investing money into improving my health, the weight loss is just a perk of that good health”.

I chose to invest in my health and my family chose to financially help me do that. My Gastric Bypass cost $21,000 in surgical, anaesthetic and private hospital fees with a single overnight stay. As a single university student at the age of 22 I COMMITTED not only to that upfront cost, but to the ongoing medical costs totalling around $190/month (medications and frequent appointments with my regular Doctor). I SACRIFICED my position in Law School for the sake of my health. I UNDERSTOOD that my health was something not only precious, but priceless as well. My investment worked, I had lost all 90kg in just under 18 months after my surgery. You can even see the proof in the photo below.

The photo on left was taken December 2013, my surgery was June 2014 and the photo on the right was taken October 2015

The other day a friend of mine asked me about my weight loss and if I could help them to do the same. Of course I offered to help them every step of the way and share all the tips & tricks I had learned. They deserve to be confident, they deserve to be happy and they deserve to be healthy. I want them to succeed, and the first thing I told them is that they are investing in their health and that it isn’t a small investment most of the time. During the conversation I told them much of what I have said in this post, I told them the honest truth about the cost of weight loss and I shared that despite the cost of it all “I will never regret having my bypass BECAUSE I did it to regain my health and improve my day-to-day life.”

So the next time you reach out to someone asking for help with weight loss or enquire about weight loss products – instead of flinching at the price tag, remember that it is an investment in your health.


If you want help with your weight loss journey then please contact me, because I want to support and encourage you. It is hard to take that first step but having someone guide you makes it easier to succeed. 




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