Meet Maz (aka LeanLiving92)

So you found my first ever blog post, the one that I typed on my mobile phone while listening to Alex (my unoriginally named Alexandrine Parrot) talk in his sleep. Isn’t he a little green cutie?! 

Now what? Do we do the awkward “Hi I’m Maz and this is what I like” followed by throwing a jumble of descriptive words at the screen? Yep, pretty much. 

Chances are you came across this site via my Instagram or Facebook profiles, if so then you should have a good idea of what makes me happy in life and might have picked up on hints about my weight loss story. (If you want to learn all about that one, stay tuned for the novel currently being written by yours truly). 

Other than that, I am passionate about health and absolutely love tech. While I enjoyed my time in the telco industry for a while it is now just something to pay the bills while I try to get my own businesses up and running. You might learn about those as time goes on though, who knows?

[Shameless selfie with product placement – deal with it]

Pets are one of the few things that bring tears of joy to my eyes and I would be lost without them in my life. Oh, casually changing people’s lives is also right up there just under my love of pets. Can’t lie about the slight love of adrenaline either. Just so we are clear, I love feeling my heart racing from exhilaration – NOT CARDIO! Treadmills and gyms in particular make me feel like a hamster on a wheel…

Ah, how else to introduce this blog? Maybe mentioning what topics you can find here:

  • Nutrition
  • Mental health
  • Physical health
  • Weight loss (including weight loss surgery)
  • Reconstructive surgery after massive weight loss
  • Funny stories about Alex and other pets
  • The occasional product review (maybe)
  • Other random things if it feels right to share 

Well I guess that should be it for the first post on this blog! Hopefully I didn’t screw it up too badly…


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